Emilia Cosmetics

Emiliaxocosmetics is here to provide you with cruelty free and vegan cosmetics that are luxurious! 

From biodegradable based glitter glosses to vitamin E infused duo chromes, we only offer the best cosmetics and want to further enhance your creative side! 

i ripped my lashes out with my curler by accident and the eyelash growth serum helped grow them back

@lilyhesisler on insta

im in love with your products theyre so amazing and i love the texture they have, like theyre not super oily & runny. also the pigmentation on your glosses is amazing

@peachypop_candles on insta

i really love the glosses! theyre super pigmented and not sticky at all. great to wear with liner and then gloss on top!

@ivanka.cerv on insta

every single lipgloss is sooo moisturizing to my lips, they arent sticky and the application is so smooth. They smell good as well, and the eyelash serum made my eyelashes so long and strong i love it!

@luvqxc on insta

i bought your small mystery bundle! it was so amazing and cute! i got two smooth lip balms and a sheer lipgloss with playboy glitter in it. your products are high quality!! Thank you!

@butterfly.abss on insta

i have the funhouse lipgloss, two strawberry tints, rosie lipgloss, a red plumper, rosie posy and unicorn snot lip balm. the glosses are super juicy and not sticky! lip tint leaves my lips a beautiful shade of reddish pink!

@alauni_aqua on insta

the lipgloss is awesome it stays on, its really good quality, its not sticky, it can go with anything, its trendy, i love it!

@shayladavve on insta

angel baby lip glaze, AMAZING! i was able to snatch one of these up and im obsessed! its very light weight, lasts a long time, and gives an amazing shine on your lips. i have recommended this to multiple friends and i will contnue to do so!15/10!

@madslikesbees on insta

the Wednesday lip tube is very pigmented and hydrating 10/10

@kenma._.simp4 on insta

the face behind emilia cosmetics

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