What is sanitary precaution's my business takes while in a pandemic? I sanitize and sterilize all products before use. Once i receive the empty tubes the manufacture sends me I wash them thoroughly with hot water, and dawn dish soap. After three days of drying, I proceed to make my gloss in a metal bowl, with gloves on and change them when needed. I insert the gloss with plastic disposable syringes, after the messy process I wash my tubes in warm water, baking soda, and 70% alcohol to take the left-over gloss off the package. Once that process is done the product makes it back into a storage drawer that is washed twice a week to guarantee that all products stay sanitized and safe. I also personally do not leave my house for any unimportant interactions! Staying home or wearing a mask is always a must!

Is your gloss vegan and cruelty free?  Yes! I do not test on any animals and all ingredients are always listed in the descriptions where products are shown! Vegan and cruelty free 100%. 

How does the lip plumper work? With natural supplements such as matcha and peppermint oil these two ingredients stimulate nerves into a plump like look, hyaluronic acid smooths out fine lines and gives the look of less lines in lips. with these two together they create your lips into a round like shaped creating the plump look we all love!

How does the eyelash/eyebrow growth serum work? when applied frequently day and night the mix of hemp & castor, and grape seed oil all work together to nourish and stimulate hair follicles to increase growth. see results in 3-6 weeks!

Does the lip plumper have any bad long term affects? No! i use 100% ingredients, most big brand companies use rubbing alcohol as an ingredient which is the main reason of chemical burn and bad long term affects. my brand does not use unnatural ingredients to make our products.